Transport for a Handlebar Barista

Last week I was called upon to help one of the Handlebar Barista crew with their transport issues. I was given a bunch of parts and asked to make it look like a bike as cheaply as possible.

I had some used red bar tape and a tatty yellow saddle that matched with the blue frame and fork, made for a vibrant multi coloured build. The Wheels needed some truing and adjustment of the cones so they spun freely but were otherwise ok. Gearing wise I scrapped the supplied  derailleurs that were worse for wear and opted instead for a single speed set up. The existing freewheel could be used running the chain on the 16 tooth cog in conjunction with the 42 tooth front inner chainring which provided a great mid range gear ratio with a perfect chain line!
Barista bike frontLastly, after concerns about finding the correct size seat post which was missing, I measured the seat tube to find it was a 25.4mm or 1 inch. I knew I had an old BMX seat post somewhere  which would fit and half an hour later the bike was ready.

Barista bike

Considering it was intended to be a cheap and cheerful runabout, the pile of parts that it started as had turned in to a decent looking bike and the best part was knowing it would be put straight to use as somebody’s daily ride.