Raleigh pioneer £SOLD

This 90s Raleigh pioneer had been well looked after then sadly tucked away at the back of a shed. Such is the fate of many a bike. To me this is the kind of bike I love to bring back to life. A proper do it all utility bike. It’s sensible but not boring, Looks smart but isn’t style over substance. With a classic lugged, steel frame it will outlive any modern aluminium framed bike many times over and look good while doing so.

I gave it a full service, new cable set, sealed bottom bracket, tyres, chain and it was ready to go. The paint polished up really well and I knew it wouldn’t hang around long once I put it up for sale. Much like the Raleigh caprice that went before it, I already had a customer show interest prior to it being finished. They came to view it and after swapping the saddle for one they preferred, it was sold!