This is the gweithdy website!

Hello, and welcome to Gweithdy!

If you don’t speak welsh, Gweithdy can be a bit of a tricky one to pronounce. I still struggle with it myself sometimes as a non welsh speaker but it directly translates as workshop in english which sums up what it is.

At Gweithdy I aim to keep cyclists rolling and get potential cyclists rolling as well by offering servicing and repairs as well as a selection of refurbished bikes. I believe in taking time and listening to each customers requirements, being thorough and I’m only happy if you’re happy.

For me there is nothing better than seeing somebody completely happy and comfortable on a bike I’ve made or fixed for them. So many people ride badly set up and ill fitting bikes completely unaware of how just small service or a few minor adjustments could totally transform their riding experience. Making it more comfortable, more efficient and them more confident. I hate to think that somebody might cycle less or give up completely because they’ve just never been offered the right advice and support!.

Gweithdy is about keeping things local, supporting the cycling community, always talking with the mechanic (me) directly and understanding what I’m┬ádoing to your bike and why!. I know not everyone is a mechanic and nor should they be so I will explain my repairs as simple as you require without the jargon and confusion.

I could go on and on but essentially I fix bikes, I sell some bikes as well as making sculptural art from bike parts. If you require any of those things or just want to hear me pronounce Gweithdy, get in touch!.