First bike sold before it was finished!

Gweithdy took it’s first breaths back in January of this year. I secured a small space to rent at the wonderful Printhaus studios on Llandaff road and started the process of setting up my own business. I soon realised that it would be a while before word got around about my venture, so I wouldn’t have much call for my services until people saw what I could do. With that in mind and some time to kill I set about getting my hands on some used bikes, ripe for refurbishment.

Scaled Image 7

Soon enough I had a selection of dusty, rusty, creaky and seized up bikes that would usually be destined for the scrap yard.

Scaled Image 5

I started with a late 80’s/ early 90’s Raleigh caprice that was coated in thirty years of grease and grime.

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I started as I mean to go on, by stripping the bike down to its bare frame I could easily inspect all the parts and decide what to keep or replace. I know from experience to leave no stone unturned, so this is the treatment all my bikes will get.

Scaled Image 4With this little Raleigh I was pleasantly surprised to find that under all the grime it was in great condition, both mechanically and cosmetically. With a full set of new brake and gear cables, new tyres, chain and grease in all the right places, this little stunner was ready to go! It looked so good in fact that prior to even being finished, I sent a photo to an interested customer and it was sold that day!

Scaled Image 1Looking good as newScaled Image

Polished up paint
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This little Raleigh was the first of many bicycles to come. If you need a bike or have one that needs a new lease of life, contact Gweithdy to find out more. I offer free quotes with options  to suit all budgets.