Gweithdy (pronounced, Goo-ay-th-dee) means workshop in Welsh. Most people would assume that means I’m welsh but I grew up near the border in the Forest of Dean. I thank my Welsh fiancé for coming up with the name!

I’m happiest when I’m working with my hands, solving mechanical problems and helping others. As such, bicycle mechanics took hold of me from a young age. I was the kid that was always on his bike. Hanging around bike shops and drawing bikes in the back of my books during lessons. I completely deconstructed my first mountain bike the day after receiving it, purely to understand how it worked. Somehow I rebuilt it much to my dads relief!

I began repairing my friends bikes, did work experience at the local bike shop then worked my way up through bike shop positions until being asked to manage the workshop in a store of one of the UK’s largest bike retailers. I met great people, gained mechanical qualifications as well as picking up the odd trick you won’t find in any training manual. After working in a couple of well respected, privately run shops I knew it was time to go it alone. In 2015 I settled in Cardiff with my fiancé and Gweithdy sprang in to life.

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My passion for bikes and my mechanical interests are what made me become a bicycle mechanic but what makes Gweithdy special is when they are combined with my customer service. I don’t just repair bikes, I want each bike to really work for the owner. That means looking beyond mechanics. Understanding the way the bike is used by the owner and doing whatever it takes to ensure they are 100% happy with their cycling experience. For me this is the kind of service that only exists in a small, owner run, locally based workshop and it’s what I do best.

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